Teams of volunteers collected over 5,000 pieces of marine debris from Drakes Beach in June, July and August.  Our volunteers counted, sorted and stored the marine debris and then embarked on a community mission to raise awareness about marine debris, single use plastics and Marine Protected Areas over the summer.


The result, over 40 art pieces created by local community center summer camps, schools and youth constructed totally from materials picked up from Drakes Beach (exceptions paint and glue).

This program was coordinated and run by our summer session college interns.


  • Kennenth Patrick Vistors Center, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA
For months our volunteers have been collecting survey data on our Marin County beaches. In addition to completing our MPA surveys, we bring home bags and pockets full of trash we find scattered across the remote areas of our beaches. We wanted to do something with the marine debris to raise awareness about our ocean pollution problem. Our spring session high school interns had the idea to create art out of the debris. This is a project to bring to light the amount of debris in our coastal waters and littering our beaches. Our goal is to increase awareness about single use plastic to change habits and reduce waste.
— Morgan Patton, Marin MPA Watch Volunteer Coordinator